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my name is George (in english) and I will show you our marvellous Capital Munich. My profession is to handle a limousine-service with airport-shuttles and if you want know who's talking just now - here I am, that's me. >

This page is a real sighseeing one or small travelguide of Munich, if you want know more about my business and how to contact me please click here or see above the map.

I am not a net-freak, so you will not find frames and "hundreds" of links to come forward. You can store the whole page after building up with one click and then read and enjoy offline. All included links bring you later on to other nice places in Bavaria when you will, but to see Munich it's all on this page and you have only to scroll down. All pictures are selfshooted and if you click on, they will become bigger.

Now let us start: You are just arrived on our Munich airport "Franz-Josef-Strauss" (left picture). The airport is a little bit outside of Munich, exactly 37 kilometers (24 miles) so you must use train, bus, taxi or our airport-shuttle-services to reach Munich downtown.

Using my service you will sit like at home in your television chair and have a marvellous sight while driving. And I will talk about the nice things around. In case I am not available here you get your first guided tour to Munich.

The most used way to downtown is this highway we will take now. But please, take a look on your right, there are some old planes.

They are not only a decoration, you can visit them and I estimate, a lot of people there on the visitors-hill in the behind have them from in- and outside in their cameras now..

This highway leads in our behind to the towns Deggendorf or Passau, the direction we use will bring us to Stuttgart, if we don't use one cross or other exits. But there is the big cross named "Neufahrner Cross". If we take the right exit we come directly to Nuernberg but I think today we go first to your hotel in Munich, ok?

What's this on the left hand? That is our "old-ladies-mare", a windmill for energy. Why this funny name? Yeah, it is some years ago, in beginning winter season two old ladies are walking in the park area around that mill in the evening.

Then, very excited, they call the police, somebody was attacking them with stones, they told. Police was coming, checking all bushes and around, nobody there. But suddenly, they heard the sound of thrown stones. Bump, bump, just behind one of the police men a big "something" was smashing through a bush. He lighted with his lamp and what he found ? A big piece of ice ! The search for the "lady-killer" was stopped, the miracle solved. Ice was grewing on the wings and too heavy, it falls down.

After the first impression of Munich's "lady-killer" take your eyes to the right hand. There are two main symbols of the Capital of Bavaria, the tall tower is our Olympic tower and the little bigger one left to him is the BMW-tower, the headquarter of the Bavarian Car manufactures.

We just passed the exit to the "Eastern-surrounding-ring" of Munich, this is a motorway connection to the highway to Austria, Czech Republik and later Italy. You see the sign "Salzburg". In summer seasons thousands of cars run there to the South and back. Soon we will reach the "Middle-Ring", one of our most important streets for traffic in Munich. The "Middle-ring" (in German "Mittlerer Ring", you see, no big difference to the english language) connects in a circle of about 3-5 km the main parts of our town. And all good things are three, we say in Germany, so we have also an "Old-center-ring" (Altstadt-Ring) but about this later on, ok?

Here we are, that is a part of the middle-ring, just in front, there you the BMW tower again. But we will turn now to the left and drive along the "Leopold"-street, one big promenade street in "Schwabing".

Schwabing is the old students quarter of Munich and still today you will find a lot of small pubs with jazz- and life-music, small theaters and a lot of street cafes. Nice place to meet people and have fun, nice talks and restful hours.

And now we near us the "gate of victory" you've seen just on top as my greeting to you. Here it is again and we will drive around that. This monument was build in memory to the wars for freedom around 1820 against the French occupators under Napoleon.

Looking through the gate you seen on the end of the street an arcade and over that a white tower. The arcade building is the "Generals Hall" and the tower another main symbol of Munich, there is the town mayors house at the "Marienplatz" (place of Mary). In the days of your visit don't miss to watch the famous carillion with the "Schäffler-dance".

Surrounding the gate we are now on the "Ludwigs"-street. Ludwig was a king of Bavaria and did his best to make Munich strong and beautiful. He was a lover of Italian art and so lots of buildings under his rulement has Italian style parts. Left and right these buildings are parts of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, the Bavarian State Library is the big building with the steps in front.

< The "Generals Hall" is a very good copy of the "Loggia dei Lanzi" in Florence, Italy. The two guys left and right were big troup leaders in the times of Napoleon, the middle monument is a memory to the war 1870/71 against the French.

If stones could speak, you will hear very much historical stories. Maybe one main from the last century: Adolf Hitler, escaped to Bavaria to avoid the Austrian police, tried in 1923 with his followers to establish his party NSDAP in the Bavarian goverment. He was marching from the "Gate of Victory" to the "Generals Hall", was stopped near by through goverment troups and was then arrested in jail in Landsberg where he wrote his infamous book.

Turning to the right we reach now the "Maximilians Place". Maximilian was the first king of Bavaria, "made" under the protection of Napoleon. But he was a good one too. The monument with the flame ( "eternal" so long the town pays the gasbill) here on the south corner of that place is a memorial to all victims under the rulement of the nationalsocialist criminals.

So, now we are very near to the heart of Munich. We will now square "Charles Place" (Karlsplatz) from the citizens named "Stachus". This name is coming from a very famous shooter in ancient times living on one of the houses at this place. The Charles place was till the 60ties the first one place in Europe with traffic. How the statistic are to day I don't know but the old figures were really interesting.

In front this majestic building you should only visit as a tourist. It is our Palace of Justice and people "invited" to that has mostly no big fun after that "party". Ok, they get free food and livingrooms, but not in the kind they normally like. They are "heavy bad guys" - big crimes are treated here.

The street where we now see in front is named "Sun"-street (Sonnenstraße), a part of the "old-center-ring". The old center of Munich is located to the left and in main a pedestrian area. Ok, there we are at your hotel. One block behind that is the main train station and just in your view (see the last picture below) is the "Charles Gate" (Karlstor) to the old center. The gate had in earlier times in the middle a tower but he was blown up by a ammunition explosion in 1857.

For today I finish my Munich guide, I think you will need now some hours rest after that long flight. And, I have something to do for my money too, not only talking. Finally below you'll find my page map. Please have a look on, in a few days (I hope) we'll walk around and through the old center, make a drive around the middle ring and visit some other nice places in Munich too. It depends on your and my time. In the meantime you can (virtually) visit some nice towns in Bavaria if you want.

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