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Today: a nice long walk through MUNICH CENTER

Good morning Madam, good morning Sir, hello net-visitors,

I hope you all had a relaxing night and we can start very early in the morning. I just finished my walk through Munich center and you should see what I've seen. So maybe you have time for shopping and walk by yourself tomorrow.

First some words to the pictures above. The small one is our castle of Nymphenburg, I will talk soon about. And the green guy saying hello to you is, oh excuse me, was our king Ludwig I. By the way, all pictures shown are made by myself but I am not a professional in pics. For bigger views please click on the pictures

Our starting point is the Karls-Platz (Charles place), you know it by the arrival drive. But we will not make it easy, we will surround the old heart of Munich and then come by the "back stage" just in, ok?

Let's turn to the left, behind us is the palace of Justice (it is good to see from the outside) and the next marvellous view we have on the Lenbach Platz (Lenbach place). Lenbach was a great bavarian painter so the place keeps his memory.

Left side of this place you see the Bavarian Stock Market and the nice building right hand is the Lenbach Palais.

This wonderful fountain is just the beginning of the Maximilians Platz (place of Maximilian, Duke of Bavaria), we have passed on our incoming tour. You see, one nice place is connected to the other in Munich. In case you want see some more details, please click this miniature >

But we will turn now to the right and use this street to get a little further in the heart of Munich. The name of that street is Pacelli street, about this guy I know nothing, sorry. But I know to whom is that car there. Yes, I confess, it's mine. I need it to come later home, you'll understand?

The left nice building is the Dreifaltigkeits-Kirche (church), the only church in Munich without big damages in the last war. And the following building is the last origin monastery in Munich. So, very quick we will surround the Promenade Platz, left side is a very famous hotel, the Bayrische Hof (exact translation would be "Bavarian Court" - sometimes a high security area, when the big names of politics are residenting here). And very near is Munichs best house of leather- or Bavarian cloth. No name because they pay me nothing (if yes, I'll put the name in).

Yes, you have seen that wonderful church as we came in. That is the Theatiner Kirche, she was built by the thankful duke of Bavaria, as his wife has born his son and follower on the throne. I think, this custom would be a little expensive for your husband, Madam. What? Oh, excuse me, I cut the right tower, no problem, here it is, please click the miniature >

The place we are standing on is named Odeons Platz. Here we had in Munich before it was destroyed a concert hall with the most famous acoustique. Behind us you have the Generals Hall and just in front of us we have the huge complexe of the Munich Residence.

This small gate is the entrance to the garden of our old majestic living rooms. But you should know, in the last war nearly everything was destroyed. Only the walls were left. In a tremendous reconstruction the old beauty was rebuilt and is now one of the attractions of Munich again.

Oh yeah, we will go into the garden, you should have a better view. But first, let us stop short here in that arcade beside the gate. Here you will see a lot of marvellous wall paintings, one I have shot for you, the others you must look yourself please.

Isn't it a marvellous building? Even the Austrian Cesar in Vienna was jelous about in the old times. But I would not be greedy for such a building if I think about the heating costs. Let's walk on, so we keep us warm and you will see more.

We have now leaved the Residence garden and take a short "jump" to the left. The huge building here is the old Army Museum of Munich and now reconstructed and connected with the Bavarian Staatskanzlei. This is the center of politics and might in Bavaria. That is our "White House" in Munich.

This nice little house is named the Prince Carl Palais and there our Bavarian Prime Minister is working. He is always under supervision of our "Angel of Freedom", a huge statue on the other end of the street, I will show you in the next trip.

You have seen this picture somewhere? I think it would be in connection with an article about the English Garden or the "House of Arts" - you can both see there. The English garden was in earlier times a swamp and they cultivated it to a wonderful recreation area for Munich. The huge building there is the House of Arts, was build in the 30ties and is a big gallery now.

Now we have reached one of Munichs nice and - expensive streets, the Maximilians Street Here you will find a lot of big names in the trade and shops like "Tiffanny" from the old movie with Audrey Hephurn. Such nice ladies you can see everwhere in Munich but if they are here, oh oh, it would be better to keep an eye on your wallet.

The house with the flags is our Munich "Four Seasons", that's by the way. This picture I've shot some days before in the afternoon, so much more traffic can be seen.

Here at the end of the Maximilians street is our National Theater located where you can see and hear the greatest and famous operas and stars. Specially the grand operas you must order in advance by your hotel or by tickets order otherwise you will not find a place.

Slowly but steady we reach the point from where we will attack just in the middle of Munichs heart. We have walked back the Maximilians street, a little bit on the "old center ring" and now we reached the "Isar Gate".

Also this gate is reconstructed after the war but in the old times it was the exit from Munich center in direction to the river Isar. That's for the name. We walk through that gate and what you will see - the old town major house of Munich. Behind that is the heart and one of the most visited place of our town, the Marienplatz (Place of Mary). But this should be the highlight of my trip today, ok?

I know big walking makes hungry and thursty so I should show you some special "rest points". The three following pictures show you good places. The left picture is from the "Viktualien Market" where you can get always fresh vegetables, fresh meat, sausages and something to drink too.

Now the market is quiet but while work hours I have no place for my car and so much people there you sometimes cannot even see the boothes. If you look in the other direction you see the "Sparkassen Street". The yellow building behind the bridge you must keep in mind. There you will find a lot of Bavarian specials like grilled pork legs and more.

And nearly one house or street behind is the paradise for people who likes fun and beer. There or better, here it is - the Munich Hofbraeuhaus. "Oans zwoa gsuffa" (means one, two, cheers !) Hey, stop, stop, we are on sightseeing, later you can go in there, ok?

And now we go through the gate of the old town majors house tower, what a sentence, and there we are - the heart of Munich - the place of St. Mary - Marienplatz .

A small joke on the side: the political landscape in Bavaria is in main conservative and this party has the name "black party" because in older times the priests with their black suits gave the direction in politics (not now more). The socialist party has the colour red and now you see how tolerant the Bavarians are: in a white town major house is ruling a "red" town major the capital of a "black" country.

I was talking about the "heart" of Munich, you can even see it - dancing. If the carillion in the middle tower starts to sound the place of St. Mary is always overcrowded and you can see nearly thousands of cameras flashing. A dancing heart, where on the world you have that. The bells ring and the figures dance, a marvellous and unforgettable view.

About the history of that dance and carillion I will tell you in a few days (maybe weeks) in my tales site. So, dear friends and visitors, now I am very tired. So much talking, so much walking (so much typing :-). I think I will finish for today. But soon I will make another trip with you through and around Munich. But one last thing I must show you - the Lady on the right hand.

I guess some of yours will know here. For the others - if you see that old lady you are on the place of our world known "Oktoberfest". The lady is winking to the guys - first to those who prepare our festival and later to all visitors. Preparing has just began, here you can see.

Left and right in the frontview you see the first constructions of the beer tents and the free space for the parking area. In the background to the left the Olympic tower and on the right the church of St. Paul.

And me, you will see soon at the airport (I hope) or with my next trip here in the net.

Take care and goodbye your George

©® script and pictures by J.W.Lohfink

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